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We are primarily engaged in the production, research and development, and sales of oat and grain products through our own sales team and distribution network. We are driven by a creative and experienced management team, led by Junguo He, our Chairman and CEO, with a focus on the healthy food industry and a fresh take on our mission, building from our deep understanding of and commitment to oat-based food science.

Our mission is to build a new type of healthy food company with core values of safety, health, nutrition and sustainability, supported by our advocates of scientific diet structure and different approaches to our brand and commercial strategy.

We have a bold vision for a food system that is better for people. We believe that transforming the healthy food industry is necessary to face humanity’s greatest challenges across climate, environment, health and lifestyle. Nowadays changes are rocking the customer’s food preference, as the growing concerns for the chronic diseases caused by imbalanced dietary patterns and unhealthy lifestyle, environment, and interest in health and nutrition have started to drive real, scaled behavior changes around customer purchase choices.

We believe what customers really care about are safety, health, nutrition, quality, and sustainability. Driven by customer concerns, we provide our customers with a solution through our product and technology innovations that enables them to make thoughtful and informed choices in line with these values. In 2014, we produced a new kind of oat germ groats in the form of whole grains through our patented equipment, which brought healthier oat products to the daily diets of the consumers.

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